Steel Z-section profiles

Product Description


Steeline Z Section Purlins are mainly used for commercial applications but are just as cost effective to be used for smaller type garages and carports. The Z sections can also form part of the columns and rafters in these smaller applications.

Safe roof purlins spans

The safe spans below are suitable for sheds and class 1 structures with the following assumptions: (Lapped continuous spans of Z purlin result in increased spanning capability over C section purlins)

Non-cyclonic sites only

Cpe = 0.9 and Cpi = +0.2

High Pressure Zones KL = 1.5 and 2.0 included

Max roof span allowed - 12M

All Spans to have 1 row of bridging

15% Lap must be fitted to all mid supports

Cleated or bracketed fixing Only - No flange bolting

Results are for at least two spans

Full calculation of requirements using Steeline section properties should be carried out for full verification.

DISCLAIMER: These span tables are to be used as a guide only. Independant engineering is required for purlins and girts, and is not available on this site.